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I often get asked about my hair colour, which dye I'm using and how I take care of my hair.
The truth is - I don't do very much. I use the Schwarzkopf Briliance hair dye in "Cashmere Red". They stopped producing them for a while and I couldn't find the right colour, until I went to Macedonia. So the last year or so I've been using "Cahmere Red" from Schwarzkopf, but form another line of their dyes, which I had bought in Macedonia.
I wash my hair two-to-three-times a week and use the Schwarzkopf "Ultimate Repair" shampoo and conditioner. These don't only repair your hair, but make it silky and flowy as well, which I love. After washing my hair I spray two-to-three drops of Schwarzkopf's Daily hair elixir, which helps repair your broken hair tips and softens the hair. You can use the elixir before washing your hair, but the effect is greater and faster when applied on wet, towel-dreid hair.
I've never used a shampoo that is supposed to keep the red pigment longer, since I'm very satisfied with the dye I'm using. The colour and its intensity lasts very long and if it weren't for the new hair growing I wouldn't need to dye my hair once or twice a month. The dye is of high quality and I strongly recommend it to all of you who want to use it! =)
Hope this answered most of you questions!

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