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I found out about this competition recently and since I myself am entereing, I decided to share it with you guys! Bloglovin' and Hossintropia.com are joining forces and giving you (us) a chance to win a wish outfit from www.hossintropia.com. Read more about it here
I was thinking about Swedish midsummer while putting this outfit together. Easy, flowy yet chic with a goddes-like feel. The lace dress is a dream and paired with the headband the goddes look is complete. The boots make the outfit perfect for a day on the country side, still keeping it chic with all that sparkle. The cardigan makes a great addition during the evening, when it get chilly and you just want to cuddle up and get warm. All the neccessery things for sleeping over, like make up and the like, will fit in the amazing, studded bag. I can deffinitely see myself wearing this one summer day because it is so me, and will deffinitely try to put together something similar from my own closet soon!

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    Svar: thanks hun! =)

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    Nice items!
    Check our list and let we know what do you thing about it!

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