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Since I'm done with school and I have a lot of free time on my hands, I can finally catch up on all my DIY projects I've tought of doing during the year ;). I've strted up with some, which inspired my boyfriend, and one morning, while we are still sitting and drinking coffee, he took a metal thread, the citrine cristal and the amethyst stone that we had just lying around and created this! Can you imagine ?!? Such creative hands! Now, I'm a proud owner of two unique rings, one consiting of an amethyst stone, and one citrine quartz cristal pendant! The only thing I need now is a chan that will go perfectly with my new awesome pendant! 
What do you think sweeties ?!?

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  • Mira säger:

    They are really stunning. Can´t believe your boyfriend did that. The guys I know are completely useless for anything ;-)
    Wanna see them on your hand!!!

    Svar: thanks hun! yeah, he can be really creative when he wants to =))) and be sure that you'll see them on, very soon! =))) xoxo

    2012-06-24 | 19:48:02
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