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I spotted this fake suede, brown, waterfall jacket/blazer while randomly browsing through Laredoute.com. Fell inlove immediately! The model, the material, the fact that it has pockets (!) and the price (it was on sale) were all so alined that I just clicked on the "Add to Cart" button! I'm not regretting that moment at all! The perfect summer jacket is hanging in my closet as we speak! 
What do you think sweeties ?!?

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  • Bambi säger:

    Hej! Gillar verkligen din blogg! jätte bra! och riktigt snygg jacka du! ;)

    Svar: tack så mycket! =) och visst är den, blev så glad när jag hittade den! =)))

    2012-06-29 | 13:40:49
    >>Blog adress<<: http://bambiborg.blogg.se

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