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I remeber when I was 14...I had a wrist filled with these, that I had shared with my friends. It was our summer thing, we wore them since school ended until it begun again. I am so happy to see them again! All the different colours, patterns and modifications! Already own a couple, but I intend to buy more or make some on my own !
I want a wrist full with friendship bracelets again! How about you ?!?

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  • Angelica säger:


    2012-05-13 | 16:19:21
    >>Blog adress<<: http://wildheart.blogg.se/
  • felicia - fotokobran säger:

    helgen är snart slut.. vad är din helgsresumé ? :)


    2012-05-13 | 22:02:18
    >>Blog adress<<: http://fotokobran.se

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