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"This lookbook is reminiscent of those rock n’ roll bohemian days, all wrapped up in texture, rich color schemes and patterns made cool with khaki details, studding and heavy jewelry. Each look is romantic, in that dark, bohemian way. It’s like a modern Stevie Nicks or Janis Joplin just stepped off a bus and brought along with them Jimi Hendrix’s wardrobe."

I couldn't have said it better myself! Part gypsy, part rock'n roll, this lookbook is my favourite by far! Love every single piece and the styling is to die for! This is a look book I will always come back to when I need inspiration for this season! =)
What do you think babes ?!?

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  • Fredagsfilmen säger:

    Titta in hos mig om du vill ha lite filmtips :)

    Svar: tack! ska göra det! =)

    2012-10-11 | 17:50:37
    >>Blog adress<<: http://fredagsfilmen.blogg.se
  • Melina säger:


    Svar: eller hur! =)

    2012-10-12 | 15:26:26
    >>Blog adress<<: http://stenso.devote.se

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