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You saw some of the inspirational detail shot for home decor in my moodboard here, but I thought I'd share some more close ups with you guys! I think that light has a crucial roll when it comes to the cosy and homey factor in a room and that is why I love having a lot of candle lights in odd, home-made. one of a kind candle holders! After the candles, the ceiling lamp is also very important for a living room so it really takes a long time for me to find the perfect one! These photos will surve as inspiration while I'm on a search for canfle holders and lamps!
What do you think sweeties ?!?

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  • sara säger:

    ljuslyktorna i björk var verkligen underbara! tänker absolut försöka tillverka mig ett par liknande :)

    Svar: eller hur! jag hittade en liknande på lagerhuset, men det borde inte vara för svårt att göra sådana själv! =) kram

    2012-10-29 | 16:15:12
    >>Blog adress<<: http://leatherandfeather.blogg.se

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