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Last week I found a new web-shop for both clothing and home decoration pieces! You can check their Facebook page here. I was shocked by how many beautiful things they had and I never knew about it! Everything is handmade in India and it's fairtraded! 
I tought I'll give you a tip about their home-decoration first! Love all the elephant figurines and that wing-chime is so cute, I want one at home now! I've also made it a point to buy one of those bedspreads for our bedroom, but can't decide if I want the one on the left or the one on the right! What do you think guys ?!?
To see more of the pieces go here: karmastyle.se

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  • Maja säger:

    Inte dåligt.

    Svar: eller hur! ;)

    2012-09-04 | 19:32:12
    >>Blog adress<<: http://www.sparkdrakt.se/storlekar
  • Åsa säger:

    Fina inredningsdetaljer

    Svar: visst är de? =)

    2012-09-04 | 22:09:03
    >>Blog adress<<: http://killingyourdarlings.blogg.se
  • Stephanie säger:

    so many pretty things!!!

    Svar: aren't there !?!? =) thanks!

    2012-09-09 | 15:24:32

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