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blouse&boots&ring with red stone - Topshop.com; hat - GinaTricot; necklace - Forever21.com; jeans - Lindex; feather ring - H&M; bag - Karmastyle.se ( FB Page )

I really fell for these jeans when I saw them at Lindex.se! Love the tight fitting and the patches give it a really cool, relaxed and a hippie touch! They are the perfect, every-day blue jeans with a twist! They also look like a pir of jeans from Freepeople.com! Anyways, this is how I'd match them! Wuth a lace embroidered, white blouse, lot of jewelry like long necklaces, many rings and bracelets, a sloppy hat and a pair of velvet, cowboy inspired boots. To add on the hippie-bohemian vibe this paisley patterned bag in vibrent colours is perfect! Love how spacy it is, the braided handles and the long tassel!
What do you think sweeties ?!?

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  • ANNAWII ♥ säger:

    Underbar outfit babe!

    Svar: tack finis! =)

    2012-09-08 | 09:45:38
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