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Here are a bunch of photos from Bansko. All the way from up in the mountains, the lovely nature there, the ice-cold river flowing through rocks from the mountains, all the way down to the village :)
It's been a long time I've been in such wild nature where you can actually feel the power of the mountains that surround you. It's an extraordinary feel, it makes you feel elevated.
Since Bansko is a winter resort, it's much different to visit during the summer, but we actually enjoyed ourselves. We did a trip to the ski-paths, which look completely different now, filled with grass and wild flowers insead of snow :) We even took the ski-lift down to the village and had an awesome view while up there!
Then there is the village, filled with small houses that have preserved the "old" look that gives a feeling of cosiness, with water taps on every corner, with fresh and cold water directly from the mountain springs. 
Hope you like it sweeties!

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