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It's been a long time since I posted an "At the moment"-list. So I decided to do one and sum up all the pieces, accessories and beauty trix that I'm into at this moment below. Hope you like it!
It's all about prints and patterns in my fashion book at the moment. It has been so for a while and it escalated now,as we entered this hotter and lighter season, especially printed blouses and tops.They are a great addition to a boho-chic feel in an outfit.
In the collage above you see my favorite, printed blouses. The two on the left are second hand treasures, originally from Zara, and the one on the right is from Ellos.se
 Yes, the same as for when it come to printed blouses. At the moment, I want my bags in bright-colored, native prints and fringe. 
 Even tough my heart will always beat harder for western inspired, cowboy boots, even during summer season, I've finally found the perfect pair of summer shoes! 
These loafers are relatively new. Minnetonka's Thunderbird II, the most comfortable shoes ever!
 I love jewellery, that's no secret. Lately I've hung up on different handpieces. Such a delicate piece of jewellery, both a ring and a bracelet in one. Makes you feel really feminine, since your wrists and hands come to attention. The perfect statement piece. 
In the collage above you see all my handpieces, a small but growing collection!
Something I could live in, season in - season out, are kimonos. Love them in every shape and size, prefferably with fringe. I've had my eye on a vintage, velvet brocade, long, fringed kaftan/kimono. A sage colored one, like this one from Salt Water Gypsy on Etsy is perfection. Paired with a lace top, high-wasted denim shorts and cowboy boots for a perfect boho/gypsy look!
 Yes! What you see it's true, your eyes do not decieve you. You might have noticed lately, on my outfit posts, that I've got some outgrown hair at the roots. A while ago I decided that I have to stop dying my hair, since it got thinner and I lost all the quality it had.
After couple of days being here, I booked a date with the hairdresser and after spending almost a whole day there, I came ut looking like this! I couldn't be more happier! Got my real hair-color back and cut off a lot of it as well!
What do you think babes? Really like to hear your opinion! :)
 I found this nailpolish during our visit in Macedonia this winter. I loved it from the moment I saw it, it has the perfect blue-green-glitter mermaid shade! I really do feel like a mermaid while wearing it - the perfect nail-polish for summer!
~How does you "At the moment" list look like? 'd really love to read them all if you make one, so please feel free to share them!
Lots of love! xx

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