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As you might have noticed I am a huge fan of accessories, especially jewellery! I never leave my home without a necklace, bracelets and rings. Jewellery is something that completes your outfit and tells the full story - which, if you ask me - is important when styling an outfit! 
I always try to match my jewellery with the story or the inspiration I've had for the outfit at that time. 
For me, jewellery has to be special and unique, not a piece which has been mass-produced without a soul and a story behind it. Don't get me wrong, I do buy some pieces which have been produced in large numbers - but those that have a special place in my heart are the handmade necklaces, rings, bracelets that are one of a kind; where a lot of love, effort and time has gone into the work of creating a unique piece!
Above you can see a compilation of close-up shots from some of my recent outfits, hope that they could be of some inspiration to you guys!
Lots of love!

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