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crochet dress - Gekås; coin headpiece - DIY // coin necklace - Insidka; fringe bag - Glitter; feather earrings - Madlady.se; necklaces - H&M // Glitter // DIY; coin handpiece - Riverisland.com; dreamcatcher - Regebågen; belt - Vintage; bracelets - Indiska // Dealextreme.com // Accessora.se; rings - TARA // Indiska // Madlady.se // H&M // JC // GinaTricot // Nelly.com; boots - Bubbleroom.se

Every summer has a story they say, and I have but to agree! Even though I try to "spice it up" a bit, every summer cannot pass without live gigs and after parties with great people and music until dawn! Those are the nights that we continue the live gig long after it has officially ended! Aw! I look forward for nights that turn into days, even this summer! ;)
~Black and brown is a perfect combination for nights like these (you don't have to care for stains from the crowd ;). I'd go for a black, crochet dress as a base and then use brown accessories, don't forget the bag, you'll need a place to put your accessories at! Boots is always a choise in my book, but if you going to spend most of your night standing up - you need to do it in comfortable shoes! ;)

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