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Category: Fashion

Stylist/creative direction: Tami Snodgrass
Photography: Reece Pottorff
Model: Jazmin Repollo
Prism and Sol Jewellery

Silver and turquoise are a match made in heaven! Wether it's bracelets, earrings, rings or necklaces, it's always the combination I'm drawn to. Even though my horoscope sign is Leo and according to all the facts I've read I'm "supposed" to be drawn to gold, which I am, but never as much as towards silver and turquoise! Add to that bracelets and necklaces with different shell pendants...and you've got me !!!
Love the vibe of this photo shoot and find the styling spot on! That is exactly how I'd wear it, excess of bracelets, rings with huge turquoise stones and layered necklaces! Yes please!

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