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My "worst" purchase this year are these pants from Ellos.se. Well...."worst" mostly because I wore them only once (on the photo) and never again. I don't know what it is...too long, the matching of the colours...can't really put a finger on it =) I do like them though =)


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Yet again, I can't decide on only one piece, so I'll show you five in stead.
- The white blouse with crochet details from Ellos.se is perfect. It's that top that works in any occasion and anytime.
- The brown hat from Lindex has been well used and it's my absolute favourite "go-to" piece on a bad hair day. 
- You cannot imagine the joy I felt when I found this fringe suede jacket at a market for only 2 euros. And it was exactly my size! Deffinitely best purchase of 2012!
- Oh, I think that my dream bag, the Dreamweaver from Spelldesigns has finally moved into my closet and I love it to death! =)
- The perfect blue jeans with that little extra...patchwork! Adore them! =)


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I'm hung up on jeans at the moment. Never actually been a leggings person, since I like having pockets (very practical!). I think it's more fun with jeans in different colours, patterns and forms.
When it comes to bags, it's all about the fringe and decoration at the moment. I love this one in cream from Spelldesigns.com!
Nothing new on the front here. Still living in my boots, this time changing between these MC-inspired ones from H&M and a pair of brown, western-inspired pair! =)
It seems as if I went from bracelets, to belts and now to necklaces! They have a special place in the heart if they have wooden beads and are long, ergo perfect for layering!
Really want a velvet blazer! I'd preffer one in a deep, royal blue, but a black one, like this from Gina Tricot would be just fine as well! =)
Just the same as for shoes. Long and wavy, up in a high ponytail, braided or decorated with headbands and hats. Though I might have to cut off some cm of it, it has been a while now =)
In winter, when the skin gets dry easily I always try to moistorise it as often as I can and the better moistourising cream you have the better. I use mine as the base before putting any make up on - so much better for you skin, especially if you want to skip those wrinkles =) Then comes the rest of the basics, concealer, foundation and mascara. Two eye-liners are always in the mix, a black one and a turquoise-blue one!
The darker it gets outside the more I'm turning to brighter shades when creating my outfits, but even this can fail sometimes. You know, those early mornings, when nothing feels right and you just pull on your safe card. the black jeans, a knit and a pair of boots. Well, my other saviour card, especially great for those days, are nails in a bright and happy colour! My "go to" at the moment is this mint green shade from Depend! =)
How does your "at the moment" list look like ?!? I'd love the read them all, pleaseshare if you make one! =)


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Not as many as I'd like to have, but it sure is a small collection! =) The earring and the neckalce below are from Chippewa Blackbird, the golden one is from H&M and the black necklace is a DIY where I merged a small dreamctahcer with a thread from an old necklace whcih I didn't use anymore! 
I really love dreamcatchers and their meaning! Love to have them as a home decoration and jewelry, how about you ?!?


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1. Macedonia;
2. + 3. Second hand;
4. + 5. Ellos.se;
6. + 7. H&M

I can't get enough of white blouses in different forms and with different designs! It's the most versatile piece that a girl can own yet the more you have the better. At least that is how I feel! Here are some from my closet, which I use a lot, what do you think ?!?


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1. KappAhl:
2. Handmade EDEN (Macedonia);
3. + 4. Ellos.se;
5. H&M;
6. GinaTricot

I love knitted sweaters and cardigans durinf the fall/winter period! It's easy to layer, or to wear alone to feel cosy and warm! Every winter I renew my closet with knits, fuzzy, sparkled, printed or cable-knitted...this year won't be any different, especially when the stores are filled with so many pretty pieces!
What do you think sweeties ?!?


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Remember the "at the moment" list I did for spring and summer (here)? I decided it is time to do one for fall as well. So, here it goes!
I'm still holding to my summer crochet and lace dresses and I plan to layer them with cozy, knitted cardigans and sweaters, match them with boots and hats, until it gets really, really cold! 
Besides my fringe and furry friends, I will also be truthful to my native printed bag from Ellos.se! Basically all with suede detailing, studs, fringe and emroidery will work!

Do I really need to say something here ?!? =) It's all boots when you ask me. Cowboy boots or MC-inspired ones, brown leather or suede, fringe or pattern, it all works for me! I will be wearing all the closet favourites, according to the weather that is! =)
As I've alredy mentioned before, I have my periods when it comes to accessories! This time, it's the belt! Wide ones and "normal-sized" ones, with fringe, feahter buckles or western inspired... A belt can be the cherrie on the top for a whole outfit if you ask me! 
If the belt is the accessorie I'm going crazy for, the shirt is the piece of clothing I crave in every shape and colour this fall! The best options would be denim shirts, shirts with native patches or embroidering or a western inspired one....or all of them...you get it! =) These two from Gina Tricot are high up on the wishlist! =)
As some of you might know already, I'm not a big trend follower! I like to take out the bits and pieces from the current trends and turn them into my style, so that they could fit me and my personality! You'll see me wearing fringe, denim, crochet and lace paired with chunky knits and boots during this fall and winter as well! 
Nothing new on this front either! It will either be long and wavy, or up in a high ponytail and wavy again! I'm a big fan of hats and head-pieces, so there will be alot of that this season too! =)
It's always foundation and mascara when it comes to everyday make up, for a natural look, but for a special occassion I've always had a black eye-liner. This summer, while in Macedonia, I tried my sister's turquoise-blue eye-liner and fell for it! So I'll deffinitiely try to brighten up my days (read nights) with a blue eye-liner instead of a black one! =)

With the arrival of fall I've become more drawn to the darker colours when it comes to nail-colour!  My season favourites are dark bown, burgundy and deep forest green!


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vintage belt; necklace with small shells second hand; bracelet from a street vendor and the other necklace is my mom's
If you read my blog you know that lately I've filled up on shell-accessories! I consider the belt to be my best vintage found ever and the bracelet is my best friend nowadays! Shells go suerbly with my style, especially now in summer! Make a full completion to an boho/hippie inspired outfit.
What do you think babes ?!?


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1. Second Hand; 2. Bik Bok; 3. H&M; 4. Antik Batik; 5. Ellos.se
You've already seen some of my boots here, but my "collection" has grown for exactly five more pairs since! Here they all are! Love boots, and seriously, I want more! =) 
I can't really decide if I have a favourite myself, but how about you ?


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1. DIY (originally from H&M); 2. GinaTricot; 3. Sheinside.com; 4. Riverisland.com

I've never been much for skirts....dresses, shorts and jeans, but skirts, not really my thing! Lately I've started to "rediscover" them and here you see all the skirts in my closet now. Love them all, since none of them is just a casual skirt, slits, patterns, fishtail chiffon and crochet, but the last one, my newest one has a special place in my heart! I feel like, with a perfect top, I could get married in it! =)))


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1. Present; 2. H&M; 3. Greece; 4.Present; 5. Forever21.com; 6. JHshop.se
I looooove turquoise....and paired with silver is the most perfect wedding in the world! As you see, most of my jewelry with turquoise stones are mixed with silver, though I've given a chance to gold as well! 
What do you think sweeties?!? Is turquoise jewelry something for you, and if so do you preffer it with silver or with gold?


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Inspired by lovely Anna, who did her own "At The Moment"-list recently, I decided to make one myself and share it with you guys, so here it is! =)


At the moment I'm completely stuck on all blouses/shirts/tunics in sheer and flowy material, prefferably with crochet or lace details! They are so easily transformable and therefore you can dress them up or down depending on the accessories you choose! =)


Fringe, fringe and then some...yes, fringe! Tan, chockolate brown, white, black. With embroidery, studs and other accessories. That is my perfect bag! I own one in brown, but guess if I need more colours! =))


I don't think I need to say much here. All of you that read my blog know how weak I'm for "Wild West" inspired boots! Yeah! Cowboy baby! Hah, I've become quite the collector and the number will increase, be sure of that! =)
The latest are these from BikBok, which I absolutely adore, they are extremely comfortable and go with everything in my closet, which is a huge plus!


I have my periods. Once is all about the necklaces, then the rings, now it's all about bracelets. They can be in silver, gold or any other material, I love them, especially when paired with my new wrist watch! I have a couple of silver bracelets, which are all gifts from loved ones and these I wear all the time on my right wrist, but the left one is always open for experiments. 


Talking about boots =) Besides my love for cowboy boots I keep mockasins very close to my heart. Comfortable as converse, but a bohemian version. I would like to own all the different versions from these too, but I can settle for a low shaft, brown, fringed ones. A birthday present maybe ?!?


My personal moto is "more is more is more" so you can bet that I'm not falling for the minimalistic trend this year, as many others do. I love piling up with jewelry and layering different pieces of clothing!
Another trend I'm not going to "follow" is the sporty one, since I've never been the sporty person, I don't even wear comfy, training clothing when at home =) 
I'm not a big "trend follower", I go after feeling, what I like and what I think fits me, my style and personality well. So far, it seems to be working out! ^^


When I was younger I couldn't have the same hairstyle more than three months, something had to change. The fringe, the length...now, it's quite the opposite. I like my hair long, wavy if not completely curly, sometimes braided or in a high ponytail. That's it, I like it and it has become kind of my signature hairstyle. I'm also extremely weak for headbands, so you'll be seeing a lot of those too! =)


The best duo! Love Batiste's Blush dry shampoo, which keeps my hair fresh, lifts it up and makes it smell beautiful on the days when I don't have time to jump in the shower. Schwarzkopf's Oil elixir is the one that makes my hair soft and shiny and keeps my ends from splitting, basically my hair's best friend! =)


I've never been a huge make up fan or the like, but I always wear a hydrating cream, a foundation to keep all the dust and pollution away from my skin pores and a mascara! For a more special occasion a thick eyeliner always follows! ;) On the photo you see my favourites at the moment which I strongly recommend! =)


I don't wear much make up, but, I love nailpolish! I change the colour of my nails once or twice a week. My favourites at the moment are this orange from H&M, called "U r smokin' hot" and the lovely mint from Depend!

How does your " At The Moment" list look like! Share!


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1. BikBok; 2. H&M Fashion Against Aids; 3. Lindex; 4. Mi Lajki via Nelly.com; 5. Mint via Accessora.se; 6. Monki on the left and H&M on the right; 7. NewYorker; 8. Present

You have already seen a part of my bracelets here, but lately, the only thing I want to buy when it comes to jewelry are just bracelets. This is why the number of the bracelets in my jewelry cabinet has increased, so I tought I'd share the new ones with you! As you can see, it is all about colour! =)
What do you think ?!?


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This is more or less how I look in the summer. A tank top or a tee, in all possible materials, a pair of shorts and a long vest or cardigan. This is always paired with boots, a bag and lots of jewelry. I do like to mix all this up by wearing dresses in varous sizes and tunics, but it all sums up to a tee, shorts and a pair of boots.
Tell me about your summer look! =)


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1. Gekås/Ullared; 2. LaRedoute.se; 3. H&M; 4. Ellos.se; 5. H&M;
6. Macedonia; 7. H&M Concious Collection; 8. SecondHand; 9. Ellos.se; 10. Gekås/Ullared

Since I posted this, I started thinking about all the crochet pieces that I own. Came up to ten , which is pretty good, since I tought I had less.
I love crochet, which you might have guessed by now =). Love the different patterns one can get out of it and the different ways crochet pieces can be used =)
What I'm missing in my small "crochet-collection" is a pair of crochet flares, crochet shoes and a crochet belt. Hmm...writing them on the list as we "speak" =)
How about you? Is crochet something that can be found in your closet or not ?


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1. BikBok; 2. Ellos.se; 3. Second Hand; 4. Sheinside.com; 5. Monki; 6. Market; 7. Zara

Jackets. THE essentialls of a girl's closet! If you ask me, you should have at least one great leather jacket. It is such a piece that works always and can make any outfit. Besides the leather jacket, you should have a wollen coat, to wear during the winter days.
Besides those two, I would like to have a jacket in various materials, prints, forms, since the jacket can mean a lot for an outfit. It can break as often as it makes it!
Here are some of mine. As you see, I need a bit more colour in my jacket collection, a thing I'm working on =)


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1.+ 2. + 4. + 7. H&M; 3. Present; 5. Monki; 6. Asos.com

Some of the headbands you can find in my accessories cabinet. I love head pieces...they give that little extra to the outfit and that can mean a lot. I think that everybody needs to be more brave when it comes to using headbands...it should be used more frequently,if you as me....just as sunglasses =)
What do you think ?!? Do you wear headbands, or not ?!?


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1. Lindex; 2. Joy; 3. Present; 4. H&M; 5.+6. Myrorna; 7. Gekås-Ullared; 8. Glitter; 9. Stadsmissionen

A bag for any and every occassion is something a girl should have in her closet. It is very easy to make an outfit complete with the bag, which doens't always have to mach your shoes ^^


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1+4 Second hand;
2. Gekås / Ullared;
3. Macedonia

The last of the bunch! As you see, not so many colorful belts here no, but I do use the ones I have!
WHat do you think ?!?


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1. Market; 2. + 7. Gekås - Ullared; 3. Random shop; 4. Kapp Ahl; 5. Lindex; 6. Market
Part two!
As I've already said I love belts and that is one of those accessories that I almost always have present in an outfit. It comes naturally for me to think of which belt to wear to make an outfit complete.
Here are some of my black belts. My "collection" is quite big so there is one more part! =)
Stay tuned! ^^