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How cute aren't Marcella and Lisa in matching military jackets and cool sunglasses ?!? Very, I say....and...I want a military print jacket like that!!! Now please!

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  • Knorkan säger:

    Tack snälla :) Jag brukar också ha storlek 36 men fick ta 38 eftersom att de är högre. Allt bra?

    2011-02-06 | 20:10:05
    >>Blog adress<<: http://knorkan.blogg.se/
  • Miha säger:

    do you know where to get such a jacket? i'm in love with it!

    Svar: your local army-shop should have some alternative! and if you think it's too big for your size, you could go to a tailor and he could fix your problem! =) or just check at some second hand shop! =)

    2012-10-07 | 04:36:30
  • Miha säger:

    Okay Thanks!

    2012-10-07 | 19:36:20

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