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1.  A charm bracelet with very personal charms. One for every special memory.
2.  Love these rings, but "wrath" and "lust" are my favourites! Wouldn't mind them in my collection! =)
3.  Oh! You know how I feel about boots..but I don't really have a high-heeled western inspired boot and these from Nine West are just perfect!
4.  Gypset Travel! Have heard and seen so much about this book that makes it a must on my coffee table! =)
5.  Love this whole look! From the playsuit (I guess) to it's print and the jewelry! Amazing!
6.  This tunic is just great! It's in velvet, it's printed and has fringe! What more do a girl need ?!?
7.  I really need a long summer vacation! Just to change my surroundings, to see a different culture and get inspired!
8.  Flares! I'm not letting those go! I'd love a pair of white ones in lace! I'll try to get some custom made while I'm here =)

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