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Something I forgot to mention in my "At The Moment"-list is a printed clutch, and it should have been in the "Wanted" category =) I think that every girl shoud own one. Mine would be in a warmer tone, but still bright coloured. The pattern would be, as most of you would guess, native, maybe Aztec isnpired. I preffer oversized clutches, so I could have space for all my things! =) A printed clutch can really make an outfit as well as a statement. Imagine one of those "have nothing to wear days" and you put on a black ensamble (which I usually do) and then add on a printed clutch! Voilá! You look chic immediately!
I love all the clutches on the collage above and if you want to know where you can get them, check my Fashiolista here (<---- click).

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  • kirsty säger:

    oh my goodness these are all so amazng x

    Svar: agreed!! haha! =)

    2012-06-18 | 23:08:33
    >>Blog adress<<: http://fashionchampagne.com
  • Lindsey säger:

    Great post and especially love the yellow one on the top right :)

    Complacency Kills 

    Svar: Thanks lovely! ^^

    2012-06-19 | 02:43:30
    >>Blog adress<<: http://www.complacencykillsusall.com/
  • Fotograf Malin Sundin säger:


    2012-06-22 | 16:42:44
    >>Blog adress<<: http://malinsundin.blogg.se

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