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1. This summer will be perfect with a pair of lace/crochet bell bottoms. So hippie and so my summer style! =)
2. I want those moccasins, or a pair of black lower ones, or.....the whole outfit on the photo !!!
3. A lace tee or tank or dress for that matter is so easy to find, while I still haven't found the perfect, long-sleeved, lace top. Any tips ?!?
4. I want a whole wall of shoe-shelves filled with cowboy boots. In different lengths, colours, prints...now, I really want these!
5. Lace...again, I own two white crochet dress, but not one lace dress. I'd rather have one long and one short...for any occasion! =)
6. This patterned, fringe clutch should come from spelldesigns.com, if I'm not mistaken...and I want it !
7. Do I really need to comment ?!? White, knitted, fringe.... @craveit!

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  • malin säger:

    Fin blogg :) Besök gärna min blogg du med, eller följ den på bloglovin :) Hoppas du får en trevlig lördagkväll ♥

    2012-05-12 | 17:23:27
    >>Blog adress<<: http://maliiinjonsson.blogg.se/
  • Roby Woods bekännelser säger:

    Riktigt inspirerande outfits!

    2012-05-12 | 22:16:33
    >>Blog adress<<: http://robywood.se

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