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1. Turquoise!!! Silver jewelry with turquoise stones, I'm sold! 
2. Fringe bag decorated with beads and feathers!
3. A messy fishbone braid on the side! My hair is long enough now, but it still is so hard for me to braid my hair like that! Would someone volonteer ?!? ;)
4. Cowboy boots! Worned out cowboy boots....oh yeah!
5. Layers and layers of armour; chunky, thin... any kind of size bracelets and rings! Pile it on!
6. A real winter coat! Fur, suede and fringe and feathers and beads!!!! OMG! That is perfection! This one is from Freepeople.com

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  • Bonnie säger:

    Älskar turkosa smycken!

    Svar: jag med! hihih

    2012-09-27 | 20:56:59
    >>Blog adress<<: http://bouchons.blogg.se

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