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fringe clutches from Gina Tricot 199:-

Found these yesterday while browsing through Gina Tricot's web-shop! I've wanted one like these for such a long time, and since I'm in my creative mode at the moment, I immediately came up with several ways of how to decorate them so they'll be more "me". However, I've got a really hard time deciding which colour I should get (as always) I'll wait a while before I make the purchase! 
Anyways here is a tip to you guys! What do you think ?!?

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  • MyzaaN säger:

    Måste helt klart kollasi n!

    Svar: eller hur! hahah! =)

    2012-09-11 | 18:16:51
    >>Blog adress<<: http://myzaan.devote.se

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