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via various tumblr blogs, Spell and the Gypsy; Free People
1. Antik Batik is one of my favourite brands when it comes to bags and boots. I'd really like to have this bag, too bad it's out of my price range at the moment;
2. Fringe, leather jackets. Can't have enough of those...I really need a black one!
3. Printed flares! Free People (as always) has the perfect ones! 
4. This belt! I've been dreaming about it from the moment I saw it! Have been searching for something similar on the internet, but nothing. Any tips and ideas on where and if I could find something like it ?!?
5. Boots...same as the fringe jackets...but these are special...brown, cowboy boots with turquoise lining...ah!
6. Ever since I saw it on their Instagram page I knew I'll want one! Spelldesigns' black Hanalei shell skirt is the dream! It's too bad that I'll have to pay a high price to the customs here if I order one from Australia, but I really hope that Kyssjohanna.com or The nativestate.com will get one in soon! =)
7. Printed jacket with fringe, it's like wearing your favourite blanket...do you really need explanations ?!? ;)

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