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Rose quartz ring & Brasillian Quartz crystal necklace & Amethyst ring & Brasillian Totem Quartz crystal Necklace & Citrine Necklace - DIY

I love crystals and gemstones. Quartz crystals are used in expanding the mind to touch the spirit world. Crystals are used to enhance the beneficial life force. And if you learn how to practice it you'll really see results!
I love jewellery with gemstones and crystals, they always look so powerful and radiate special energy! See all my turquoise jewellery here!
Below you can find description for all the crystals that I have =) Hope you like it! 
Rose Quartz
~This pink crystal is the most important crystal that talks to you heart. If your heart is full of love, joy and happiness, it will magnify these feelings. This stone attracts love into your life; it helps to balance and harmonize all relationhips. If you are feeling sad, unloved or out Tof sorts, embrace this crystal and feel the unconditional love it gives you. Rose quartz aids the development of forgivness and compassopn. 
Clear Quartz
~This powerful crystal is the number one crystal for healing and protection. It helps with concentration and amplifies thought forms. It dispels negativity in your energy field and assists with spiritual growth. It stores information like a natural computer. This crystal can be programmed again and again. A beautiful crystal, full of love and wisdom to give. Clear Quartz is excellent for meditation and helps with communication with Spirit Guides.
~This purple crystal enhances psychic abilities. This is a very powerful stone. It absorbs all negativity around you and guards against psychic attack. It is an all-time great protector. This stone calms the mind, clears and heals feelings of sadness, guilt and revitalizes your energy. It is full of divine love, enhances intuition and cuts through illusion. An excellent crystal to meditate with. It has a high spiritual vibration. 
~This is a powerful crystal that helps restore self worth, confidence and raises self esteem. It is a great cleanser and is one of the few gemstones that does not require cleaning. It also attracts wealth and money into your life, so pop a small citrine into your wallet and watch the abundance grow. This crystal is warming, light hearted, energizing, cheerful and full of hope. It is a great stone to study with as it helps your mind absorb all that you are reading.

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